Thursday Video from FLAIR Nasal Strips: Courtney Cooper on Selecting a Horse

One of my favorite casual pastimes is perusing sale videos of horses that pop up on my feed. It’s somewhat of a curiosity thing – I enjoy learning what it is you should be looking for, and what you’re naturally drawn to, when it comes to choosing a horse. But I’m certainly no expert, which is why it’s so helpful to have those with much experience share their knowledge. Courtney Cooper’s latest “Training Tip Tuesday” video touches exactly on the topic of choosing a horse, and the information to be learned is certainly priceless.

Critiquing a horse off of a video is challenging, and it definitely doesn’t replace seeing the horse in the flesh. However, a video still gives us a good view of the horse before we book the ticket to see it. Courtney walks us through some videos of some of her horses to show us what she looks for first.

Have a watch and listen to what Courtney mentions with each horse. A natural horsewoman instinctively looks at the bigger picture, the overall type, but is quick to pick out the most important factors to study.


Last week, we asked you to share your most patriotic horse pics for a chance to win one of two packs of FLAIR American flag equine nasal strips. As usual, you went all out! Without further ado, we’re pleased to announce our winners, chosen by vote: Wendy Bullock-Miller and Jessica Farren. Congratulations!

Wendy Bullock-Miller:
“Our church’s 1776 Sunday. My horse and I get to participate in the battle reenactment!”

Jessica Farren