Pin it Like This to Win Dubarrys

Sophiaacamaya94's entry in the Dubarry Pin It to Win It contest. Sophiaacamaya94's entry in the Dubarry Pin It to Win It contest.

You’ve still got nearly five days to pin the ultimate Rolex outfit for a shot at winning a pair of Roscommon and Kerry boots. Are you finding inspiration challenging because all your clothes are currently covered in recently shedded horse hair (lingerie -somehow- included)? Fear not, fashionista. We’ll give you an example every day this week for inspiration.

Sophiaacamaya94 created today’s ensemble on Polyvore (You can pin to any board you choose.). We applaud Sophia’s choice of the adorable canine accessory and give her bonus points for choosing an Irish Wolfhound available for adoption on rescue site Note how the pooch’s leash matches her Dubarry Leather Black Belt. Her selection of the Dubarry Clara Ladies Large Leather Saddle Style Bag will fit tons of treats for herself and Fido. The Dubarry Swift Women’s Multi-Pocket Hourglass Silhouette Jacket  also has plenty of pockets for cross-country day accessories of the Milk Bone or milk chocolate variety. Remember people, it’s important to keep refueling as you walk around that huge course.

She went with the Dubarry Roscommon Boots and Dubarry Cap, so face and feet will be fashionable and protected from the elements. If you are of the Garanimals, matchy-matchy school of fashy, you may question Sophia’s choice of the horse print scarf over the striped Dubarry Shannon Ladies Rugby Shirt. But you’d be forgetting this critical rule of horse people fashion: One can never have too many horsey accessories. Especially if their purchase goes to a good cause, like the Tender Voices Diamond Accent necklace Sophia selected. Its purchase benefits the ASPCA.

Think you can do better? Go for it:

Create your unique version of the Perfect Rolex Outfit, pin it to an online board of your choice and tag it with #PinYourDubes14. Follow Dubarry on Pinterest. Submit your Pin using this form. The public will begin voting on the top five entries on April 19th.

You must use at least THREE Dubarry items in your ensemble and no, they don’t have to be the Roscommon or Kerry Boots. If those Galways won’t leave your feet until someone pries them off your cold, dead body that’s cool. Pin ‘em.

This is what we’ve been waiting for EN — Project Runway with mud and Gore-Tex!

dubarry pin promo

We know you can match your saddle pad and wraps (and stirrups and vest and helmet cover and watchband….). Here’s a chance to bust out that eventing style and win a sweet pair of boots.

Check out the official rules and pin your Perfect Rolex Outfit by mid-day Friday, April 18th.

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