Plantation Field CIC3* Cross Country Live Updates

The iconic stone wall complex at Plantation Field. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

The iconic stone wall complex at Plantation Field. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

Welcome to the CIC3* Cross Country live updates feed! We’ve got a dedicated team today bringing you content in the field, crunching numbers behind the scenes, and a massive herd of incredibly fit Chinchillas running on the little chinch treadmills that keep our servers going. All to bring you every moment of the Best. Event. Ever.

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The first run of the day was supposed to go at 12:40 p.m. ET, but has been pushed back just a bit to 1:00 p.m. ET. You can get a fence-by-fence preview of the course here or a drone flyover of the course here. USEF Network will be running a livestream for the CIC3* rounds with our own Jenni Autry commentating alongside Karen O’Connor! You can watch here.

With the delay, we’ve recalculated the ride times as follows (barring additional delays):


As you can see, there was one withdrawal overnight, Matthew Brown and Super Socks BCF. Phillip Dutton will ride the second-placed Mr. Candyman out of order to allow him time to get all three of his rides in today.

 12:40 ET – As mentioned above, the start time has been pushed back 20 minutes to 1:00 p.m. ET. First out of the start box will be Ryan Wood on Fernhill Classic.

1:05 ET – Ryan Wood and Fernhill Classic are officially on course!

1:07 ET – Ryan and Fernhill Classic are clear through the coffin, first water complex, and angled corners. They are making a big course look easy and effortless.

1:09 ET – Erin Sylvester and Campground are on course now. Ryan still looking good through the cabins and ruins!

 1:11 ET – Bobby Meyerhoff and Dunlavins Token on course now as well.

1:12 ET – Ryan and Fernhill Classic are home without jumping faults but were a bit over the optimum time of 6:11 with 18.4 time penalties.

1:15 ET – Erin Sylvester and Campground are also through without jumping faults and added just a handful of time to their score.  Bobby and Token are really starting to open up and getting closer to the time than the previous rounds.

1:16 ET – William Coleman and Soupcon de Brunet on course and looking very sharp, huge gallop on this horse.

 1:17 ET – Boyd Martin and Welcome Shadow now on course, Boyd looking no worse for the wear from his fall in the two-star earlier today.

1:18 ET – Justine Dutton on course now, Will Coleman and Soupcon come in clear but about 30 seconds over the time allowed.

1:20 ET – Official scores in for Erin and Campground added 10.8 time penalties, and Bobby and Token added just 8.40 time penalties.

 1:25 ET – Boyd and Welcome Shadow are screeching around course and looked really strong heading into the end of the course. We’ll bring you an official time as soon as we have it.

1:28 ET –  Madeline Backus and P.S. Ariana on course now and clean through the first coffin complex

1:30 ET – Booli Selmayr and Jaeda wrapping up on course and looked really solid through the final water, and will cross the finish flags at around the 7-minute mark.

1:31 ET – Will Coleman and Soupcon de Brunet’s official score was clear and 10.8 time penalties.

1:32 ET – Madeline Backus clear through the second water and she is grinning from ear to ear as she clears the last and heads to the flags!

1:34 ET – Boyd and Welcome Shadow’s official time in now and they too collected 10.8 time faults to currently sit in first.

 1:34 ET – Justine Dutton and Huck Finn’s scores in as well, and they had a problem on course that didn’t make it on camera, but they finished with 60 jumping penalties and 20.8 time penalties.

1:36 ET – There’s a hold on course and as soon as we know what’s going on we’ll let you know.

1:37 ET – Word is that a frangible pin is broken at fence #6 –  Liz Riley and It’s the Truth will be charged with launching the pin and it appears they’ve retired, but they’re making the fix and have us back underway momentarily.

Screenshot via USEF Network.

Screenshot via USEF Network.


1:40 ET – Elinor Macphail and RF Eloquence on course now and cruising in huge gallop.

1:41 ET – Elinor takes the wide four strides in the angled corners but goes clean so far!

1:42 ET – Phillip Dutton and Z on course now.

1:43 ET – Booli Selmayr and Jaeda are our first official double clear! (Update: this was a scoring error, they had 19 time penalties)

1:44 ET – Eli slows down through the ruins to get it done, then cruises through the kennels and heads toward the last few fences on course.

1:45 ET – Phillip Dutton and Z looking strong over the course, and word is that Eli finished clear with about 20 seconds over the time.

1:46 ET – Phillip is through the final water and flirting with the optimum time

1:47 ET – Savannah Fulton and Captain Jack wrapping up on course now, through the ruins clean.

Savannah and Captain Jack.

Savannah and Captain Jack.

1:49 ET – Jenny Caras and Fernhill Fortitude on course now and clear through the first half.

1:52 ET – Lillian Heard and Arundel on course and clear through the first water.

1:53 ET – Phillips official score on Z added 6.8 time penalties to put them in first provisionally with a 59.2

1:54 ET – Jenny Caras home clear, will bring you her time as soon as we get it!

1:55 ET – Robin Walker on course with Freedoms Light

1:57 ET – Lillian Heard and Arundel are on the final stretch, and rode very aggressively through the angled kennels and clear through final fences – she will have some time faults but she looks very pleased!

1: 58 ET – Canadian combo Lisa Marie Fergusson and Honor Me on course now, this horse looks incredibly athletic. (Jenni tells us he’s a welsh cob/TB cross)

1:59 ET – Robin Walker has some sticky moments in the ruins but Robin coaches him through it like a champ and they’re clear through there.

2:00 ET – Robin Walker and Freedoms Light complete their first CIC3*, well done!

2:01 ET – Sharon White and Cooley on Show on course now in their festive orange and gray.

2:02 ET – Lisa and Honor Me have a very deepy sticky moment in the ruins but they power through!

Lisa Marie Ferguson and Honor Me.

Lisa Marie Fergusson and Honor Me.

 2:03 ET – Jenny Caras and Fernhill Fortitude add 12 time faults to their final score for 75.20 altogether.

2:04 ET – Sharon and Cooley on Show clear through the kennels!

2:06 ET – Ryan Wood and Woodstock Bennett on course now and looking sharp, currently in 10th place. Sharon White is through and possibly close if not under time! We’ll let you know when the final score comes in.

2:08 ET – Ryan and Bennett are through the ruins, as well as the angled kennels

2:09 ET – Erin Sylvester and Mettraise are on course now for Erin’s second ride of the day. Ryan and Bennett complete the course with a bit of time. One more ride for Ryan today!

2:10 ET – Another Canadian pair wrapping up – Jordan Thompson and Femme Fatale super sticky at the top of the ruins, but they scrape through!

2:11 ET – Megan O’Donaghue and Palm Crescent on course now. Jordan and Femme Fatale have a heartstopping final fence but complete!

2:15 ET – Erin Sylvester and Mettraise looking fresh and resplendent on course:

Erin Sylvester and Mettraise

Erin Sylvester and Mettraise

2:17 ET – Score update: If these scores hold, they’re currently showing Sharon White and Cooley on Show as our first double clear to put her into first place for the moment! Lisa Marie Fergusson and Honor Me also had a double clear round to put them provisionally in sixth.

2:18 ET – Megan and Palm Crescent wrap up their round beautifully through the kennels and final water. This is a very exciting prospect for Megan!

2:19 ET – Sara Moore and Polaris on course and moving along, Adrian Jones and Magnificent Toy just starting their round.

2:20 ET – Sara and Polaris are through the ruins and the angled kennels.

2:21 ET – Our second placed pair Phillip Dutton and Mr. Candyman are now on course!

2:23 ET – Phillip and Mr. Candyman clear through the first water.

2:25 ET – Megan O’Donaghue and Palm Crescent add only four time faults to pop up to third for the moment.

2:27 ET – Phil and “Elmo”  looking fantastic and clearly cruising for the time. It appears he’ll be inside the OT!

Phillip and Mr. Candyman

Phillip and Mr. Candyman

 2:28 ET – Justine Dutton and Jak My Style on course now and clear through the ruins.

2:30 ET – Emily Hammel and Ramsey on course, just heading out is Gina Economou and  Calidore

2:31 ET – In case you missed it, be sure to check out our profile on Gina earlier this weekend!

2:32 ET – Phillip Dutton’s official score on Mr Candyman adds just 2.8 time to put him in first for the moment.

2:33 ET – Emily Hammel and Ramsey have a gutting stop in the final water and after circling get through it.

2:34 ET – Will Coleman out on his second horse aboard Tight Lines, a lovely big gray.

2:35 ET – Will through the angled brushes at 13.

2:36 ET – Jennie Brannigan now out aboard I Bella.

2:37 ET – We can confirm a retirement on course, Gina and Calidore. Sounds like they’re okay but living to fight another day.

2:38 ET – Will and Tight Lines living up to their names and cruising through the ruins and angled kennels. Had a bit of a skip stride in the final water but they’re through clear!

 2:39 ET – Jennie and I Bella clear through the angled brushes and ruins.

2:40 ET – Hallie Coon and Celien out on course now.

2:42 ET – Jennie and I Bella are clean in the final water and over the final fence, we assume with a handful of time. We’ll bring you their official score as soon as we get it.

2:43 ET – Will Faudree out on course now aboard 10-year-old Hans Dampf, lovely prospect from Europe.

2:44 ET – Hallie Coon and Celien clean through the ruins and kennels.

2:45 ET – Hallie and Celien have a very fast round that’s perfectly competitive with a string of world-class riders. She’s surely pleased as punch with that.

2:47 ET – Buck Davidson and Park Trader are out now.

2:48 ET – Will Faudree clear through the ruins despite a sticky moment and over the angled kennels.

2:49 ET – Will and Hans have a hard rub going into the water and activate the frangible pin on the drop log.

2:50 ET – Buck has a fall at the far end of the course, but both he and Park Trader are up and okay, if not sorely disappointed.

2:51 ET – Boyd Martin and Crackerjack make several efforts on course before being held while they repair the two frangible pin repairs on course – one for Will, and one for the big oxer which Buck activated in his fall.

Boyd and Crackerjack walking during the course hold.

Boyd and Crackerjack walking during the course hold.

2:53 ET – This long hold will unfortunately come with Boyd out on course and just Ryan Wood and Phillip Dutton left to go on their third horses of the day, respectively.

2:55 ET – Our top ten current appears as follows:


2:56 ET – They’re back underway and Boyd is straight back into his full gallop and over the oxer that spelled trouble for Buck.

2:58 ET – Ryan Wood and Powell are now out as well.

2:59 ET – Boyd and Crackers through the ruins and clean through the angled kennels, as well as the final water.

3:00 ET – The hold makes it tricky to know Boyd’s time, but we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve got something official.

3:01 ET – Ryan and Powell are clean through the first water and angled brushes.

3:02 ET – Phillip Dutton and I’m So Ready are out now and will be looking to sew like the wind and attempt to nab the win.

3:03 ET – Ryan is still clear through the course so far, and Phillip and I’m Sew Ready clean through the first water.

3:04 ET – Ryan and Powell are clear through the final water and heading into the final fences, though they don’t look like they’ll be in it with a competitive time. As soon as we know, we’ll update you.

 3:05 ET – Phillip and I’m Sew Ready hung a leg doing down the ruins drop, but stay on their feet and don’t even register the blip on their way through the rest of the complex.

3:07 ET – Textbook through the angled kennels, looking great on time as they cross the flags!

Phillip and I'm Sew Ready

Phillip and I’m Sew Ready

3:08 ET – The word is that Phillip Dutton had 10.8 time on I’m Sew Ready to flip his two top rides in the leaderboard. He’ll win it with Mr. Candyman and take either second or third on I’m Sew Ready! Still waiting on a time for Ryan Wood and Boyd Martin, but we suspect Boyd captured the third slot.

3:11 ET – Ryan Wood and Powell add 20.4 time penalties to finish in 13th place. We’re still waiting on Boyd’s score, as there’s a bit more math to be done with the hold during his round.

3:13 ET – We’re hearing word that unfortunately Buck Davidson broke his collarbone in his fall. We’re sending him some healing vibes after a rough day!

3:15 ET – Overall, however, it was a day low in jumping penalties with two retirements, two pairs with refusals, and Buck’s fall on the Mike Etherington-Smith course. It was the time penalties that completely shook up today’s standings. Sharon White appears to have made the most out of a fast trip today, using one of the rare double clears to catapult from 11th to the provisionally fourth slot aboard Cooley On Show.

3:18 ET – Word is in! Boyd and Crackerjack turns out to be our third double-clear, good enough to split Phillip’s hat trick and nab the second place slot. Congratulations to all the riders on a great day of sport! Here is the final top ten:


Thank you all for joining us for the live updates, and keep it locked on EN for more photos, videos, and full reports to come from our reporters in the field.

Go Eventing!