Fondue Friday News and Notes from FLAIR

Fox River Valley Pony Club HT is showing live scoring but we will be back with more score links as we have them.

A clinic with Boyd will be held in August to aid in the fire relief. Please go here for more details on the clinic (located in NH). Sign up! Not only will you be getting fantastic instruction, you will be helping a great cause. 
Now that it is summer, it is a good time to grab a book and get some knowledge in that head! The USEA blog has come up with a list of good books to read. A little reading is good for everyone and hey- you can read about horses so even better. 
In case you missed it, the USEF released the training lists. Lucky for everyone here, John has been able to provide some thoughts to help you process the lists. Hopefully a list of training sessions will be provided so everyone can stop by for a little education. I am all about getting the education right now. While I don’t really have too many opinions about the list, I am happy that the USEF has finally decided to put Jules Stiller on a list. She has been producing good results for quiet some time now and its about dang time they take notice.
Going back to the basics is one of the best things you can do. Jimmy Wofford takes riders right back to those loved basics. One of the big focuses was reins and adjusting them- especially off drops. Everyone should go back to the basics whenever possible and what better of a way to do it than with Jimmy. 
Eventing begins with Dressage- listen in on Eventing Radio Show episode 147
A tornado has gone through Churchill Downs and damaged nine barns. Luckily no horses or workers were killed during Wednesday nights storm. Horses may have to be relocated and The American Red Cross has stepped in for relief. 
And now for a creative attempt at horses healing… bring on the tape! It took me a little bit to figure out what was going on. But now I am fascinated. Looks like some fun healing to me!
Jennie reflects on her time in Germany. Admitting that both she and Ping are green, Jennie plans to do another three star before moving back up. While I am sure Jennie was disappointed with her result, what she learned in Germany is invaluable. She will no doubt have more tools in her box for the next time out at that level. World watch out- when Jennie B. gets all her tools out of the box, they will be unstoppable. 
Because I think guilty dogs are so cute, and because I couldn’t find a guilty chinchilla…

Stay cool. Stay classy. Eat chocolate. Go Eventing.



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