Preview Captain Mark Phillips’ Stable View Oktoberfest CCI4*-S Cross Country Track

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There’s a lot to take in this weekend and we’re gearing up for an exciting day of cross country jumping at Stable View’s Oktoberfest event, which serves as a good ramp-up event for riders’ fall three-days, for which there are plenty of options this year. We’ll see most of the pairs competing in the CCI4*-S this weekend at the Maryland 5 Star, the inaugural Morven Park CCI4*-L and Tryon International’s USEF CCI4*-L Championship in November, primarily. Oktoberfest also features a CCI3*-S, a CCI2*-S, as well as National divisions up through Intermediate. Click here to check in on results from the first day of competition.

Shelby Allen will be on the ground at Oktoberfest tomorrow to catch the cross country conclusion, and in the meantime here’s a look at what riders will be tackling as designed by Captain Mark Phillips. Course description is provided by Stable View.

Stable View Oktoberfest 2/3/4* and H.T. (Aiken, Sc.): [Website] [Ride Times] [Live Scores] [Volunteer]

The start in front of the Hunt Boxes over the Log Box (1) looks familiar on the best grass cover yet at Stable View. The Cabin (2) will help settle the nerves and all will enjoy the rollercoaster ride up to the Hammock (3). The Barn (4) is the first really big fence and the end of the warm up holiday.

Approaching the Pavillion the MIM Tables (5) on a five-stride bending line will not hold too many fears and the Blanchard Table (6) in front of the pavilion looks as big as ever.

The Derby Field Water (7) comes early enough so will need commitment and the Brush Corner (8) after is the first real question of balance, control and accuracy.
All will enjoy the Trakhener (9) and the long gallop up to the Dog Kennel Water (10). Here the roll back to the MIM rail into the Water will help, but these days the frangible rails come down all too easily if the quality of the canter is lacking. Riders then have just three strides to the Step Up and ‘bounce’ over another set of daunting MIM rails.

There is no holiday though at the Step Down (11) where riders have to leave yet another set of MIM rails standing before a ‘bounce’ down the Step and two strides to a very big looking Triple Brush. The Cross Question (12) will provide something of a light relief before the climb up to the Derby Field Alp (13,14). The Triple Brush atop the Alp looks scary with the steep descent behind as horses approach the offset Stable View Brushes before going onto a big left hand Corner. Control and accuracy are paramount here from beginning to end.

The Double Brush (15) is as large as ever but the GL Williams Water (16) maybe easier than sometimes once in over the narrow Cabin as the boat in the water is straightforward.

The frangible Gate (17) and the Hayrack (18) in the cut through are simple enough but it is decision time again at the Academy Field Alp (19). The Chevron Table is big, but it is then a forward five strides to the Corner or a more conservative add is possible.

All will enjoy the Step Table (20) as they approach the Meadow Oxers (21). Here riders bend left four strides over the two large oxers before bending right four strides to an open Corner. This is a technical combination but should not cause too much trouble.

Riders will then enjoy the trip home over the Diamond Brush (22), the Aquaduct (23) and then Barry’s Desk (24) and the Finish.

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