Preview the Stable View Oktoberfest CCI4*S Cross Country

Fence 8AB. Photo courtesy of Stable View.

Riders in the CCI4*S at Stable View Oktoberfest will contest Capt. Mark Phillips’ track as the final phase on Saturday for an exciting conclusion. We’ve got a peek at the course thanks to the Stable View team; you can click through the gallery below to see what the headlining division’s pairs will see on Saturday.

This year’s course was designed by Capt. Mark Phillips, assisted by Mogie Bearden-Muller. The course was constructed by ETB Equine Instruction and decorated by Beth Perkins and Sam Keats, who also snapped these photos for us.

Here’s a look at the flow of the track, which consists of 25 fences and 35 jumping efforts.

Image courtesy of Stable View.

Riders will set off with a handful of big rhythm fences to set their pace. The first combination on course, the Meadow Oxers, will provide an early test for accuracy while still allowing for a forward pace. From there, they’ll head through the wooded areas on course and wind their way toward the finish with several more testing questions along the way.

Shelby Allen is our eye on the ground this weekend, so stay tuned for much more to come from Aiken. Go eventing. Take a look at our By the Numbers for the CCI4*S here.

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