Product Review: Ariat Olympia Breeches

The Ariat Olympia – your new favorite breeches. Photo by Kody Laseter.

Finding the perfect breeches that look the part while standing up to the demanding lifestyle of an eventer can be a tall order. Where many other pairs fall short, the Ariat Olympia breech steps up to the plate.

As shallow as it sounds, I’d like to start by saying these pants are simply smart looking! Durability and comfort rank near the top of my list, but those never seem to matter as much when your breeches make you look frumpy. The Schoeller®-Prestige material gives a flattering silhouette without restricting your freedom of movement.

The detailing brings these breeches to the next level. Also note the V in the waistband for stretch and comfort. Photo by Kody Laseter.

The double stitching on the pockets and suede full seat/knee patches offer a unique and polished look. While we’re on the subject, these pockets rock! When I first upgraded my iPhone, I couldn’t securely fit my it in my pocket, but that was never an issue with my Olympias. The size, as well as the stretchy fabric, means my entire phone fits securely in my pocket, giving me peace of mind when I’m riding.


No detail is overlooked in the Ariat Olympias. Photo by Kody Laseter.

These breeches have a mid-rise fit with a waistband that feels snug, but not constricted. This is thanks to Ariat’s V3 technology. You can focus on your riding while the stretchy V in the waistband allows you freedom of movement without the awful gaping some other breeches give you.

While style and durability are admittedly my biggest draw to these breeches, comfort is also a priority high on my list. Made of cotton twill, the fabric is fantastic. This is my most breathable pair of breeches – a must if you spend your summers riding in the south. The stretch it offers is just not just appreciated – it’s necessary if you’re an adult amateur like me that can’t guarantee that you’ll always ride in a conventional (stay in the saddle) way.

Photo by Kody Laseter.

The Ariat Olympias come in both full seat and knee patch. Made of Clarino™ material, these offer traction without sacrificing weight, flexibility or breathability. The CFS™ Calf Fit System also provides a snug fit to a variety of calf sizes while staying in place.

Best of all, these breeches last! While I just got the new black pair, my brown knee patch pair is 5 years old and they still look just a striking as the season I got them.  These are my longest lasting breeches, making them well worth the cost.

Breeches that still shine after five years of use. Photo by Kody Laster.

The Schoeller®-Prestige material maintains its stretch over time without sagging, giving you a polished look over many years. Schoeller also employs their “self-cleaning” Nanosphere technology to keep these breeches looking their best. The fabric is finely-structured, preventing dirt and water from adhering to the material.

The fabric is soft to the touch and gives the right amount of stretch. From the waistband down to the calves, they stay in place making it easy to wear them all day. Because of the comfort, durability and style, these are my go to for clinics, lessons or any opportunity where I need to look and feel my best.

Ariat Olympia breeches are available in both knee patch and full seat options beginning at $209.95. You can purchase them directly from Ariat. Click here to explore all the technology that goes into Ariat products.