Product Review: Saddle Box Subscription Service

Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Who doesn’t love getting surprise packages? The adult version of Santa coming down the chimney is the hearing the FedEx delivery person step onto your porch and drop a box. Or multiple boxes, if you are an obsessive-compulsive Amazon Primer like me. But unlike my Amazon boxes — which are typically full of pragmatic items like diapers, dish detergent and household stuff I run out of — the boxes I’m here to talk about today are of the fun surprise variety, and involving our favorite animal: the horse.

SaddleBox is a monthly subscription box service that caters specifically to equestrians. Loaded up with a mix of practical gear and fun treats, you never know what you’re going to get, so each unboxing makes you feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

The SaddleBox I received contained a haul of grooming gear: Tough-1 Great Grips Triple Blade Spring Curry (bring it on, mud-caked ponies), an Epona All Purpose Grooming Mitt, and an Epona Woodpicker Hoof Pick. For around the barn, there was a Tough-1 bucket brush, a tin of Fiebing’s Saddle Soap, and a roll of Co-Flex Vet wrap, stuff you can never have enough of.

There was also a big bag of Buckeye Peppermint Nutrition Treats; no sugar added and all-natural, so they’re snacks you can feel good about feeding. Plus, lest the horse owner feel left out, I was delighted to find a bag of raspberry hard candies. Which I ate, in its entirety, almost immediately. I probably shouldn’t feel good about that, but whatever. #noregrets

The best gift that SaddleBox gives, however, doesn’t fit in a box. All SaddleBox sales benefit horse rescue shelters, and the company has served over 25,000 horses and ponies in need. Every SaddleBox comes complete with a postcard letting you know about the horse you helped with the purchase of the SaddleBox.

SaddleBox is available by subscription, as a one-time order and/or as a gift for a friend (Christmas gift, anyone?). The subscription service is $34.95, which includes free U.S. shipping, and can be cancelled at any time. Use code LOVEHORSES for 15% off your first box! Find out more on the Saddlebox website. And check out @saddleboxhorses on Instagram for fun pics of happy unboxings around the country.