Q&A with Professional Groom Emma Ford

Professional Equine Grooms sits down with professional groom Emma Ford to learn about her favorite grooming tools (Hands On Gloves!), what she’s doing during the down season and more!

One of Emma’s must haves? HandsOn Gloves. If these have been on your wishlist, you’re in luck — they’re 20% off this week for EN’s Virtual Vendor Village. CLICK HERE to shop. Use code KY20 for 20% off your order.

Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

Why EN prefers HandsOn Gloves:

  • Use for dry grooming all over the body, no need to switch tools
  • Use for bathing in the washrack
  • No latex — safe for those that are allergic
  • Materials can also withstand fly sprays.
  • Rinse to clean and toss on the fence to dry!
  • Fun colors — green, purple, black
  • Double duty for your barn dog and cat
  • When your hands fill with hair, flick your wrists to release the hair
  • Your hands make them as gentle as needed – vary the pressure according to what your pet likes.

Go Shopping. Go Eventing!