Red Hills CCI4*-S/Advanced Cross Country Live Updates

The B element of fence 18 on the CCI4*-S course. Photo by Shems Hamilton/Red Hills.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… GO! Have a great ride! Chinch is on site and ready for an exciting cross country day at the 2020 Red Hills International Horse Trials. While there is no live stream, EN will provide minute-by-minute updates of the CCI4*-S and Advanced classes right here. The four-star begins at 11:00 a.m. followed by the Advanced at 12:56 p.m.

The CCI4*-S track is 3795 meters to be run in 6 minutes and 29 seconds, but beating the clock is famously difficult here, so expect time penalties to be influential today. Check out our full course preview at this link.

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2:32 Here’s your top ten from both divisions. The CCI3*-S division has just gotten underway, stay tuned for reports later today!


1:55 Alyssa Phillips’ time as 7:06 — that puts her into the lead in the Advanced division with Oskar! Marilyn Little and RF Scandalous are currently second.

1:52 Will Coleman and Don Dante are hunting the fences. They’re clear through 18.

1:51 Clayton finishes clear with FE Stormtrooper.

1:50 Liz Halliday-Sharp zooms through the upper water with Flash Cooley.

1:49 Clayton Fredericks and FE Stormtrooper are clear through the upper water.

1:48 Marilyn Little finishes clear. We eagerly await their time.

1:44 We’ve got three left in the Advanced as Marilyn heads toward the finish.

1:42 Marylin Little and RF Scandalous are clear through 7.

1:38 Lucia Strini and MTF Cooley Classic have a stop at the Boathouse Water at fence 10C, the brush heading out of the water.

1:37 The force was with Meg and Anakin. They finish clear in a time of 7:55

1:33 Steph Cauffman is home clear with a time of 7:43. Meg Kep is clear so far through the upper water with Anakin.

1:30 Beautiful riding through the upper water for Steph Cauffman!

1:29 Jennie Brannigan lays down a clear round with Twilightslastgleam with a time of 7:12.

1:27 Steph Cauffman and Chatsworth Third Revolution are clear through the coffin.

1:25 Jennie Brannigan and Twilightslastgleam are the first out on course in the Advanced.

1:20 Brandon McMechan and Oscar’s Wild are our CCI4*-S leaders after cross country with the fastest trip of the day! Hallie Coon & Celien are second and Sharon White and Cooley On Show are third. The Advanced will start NOW with no break between divisions.

1:19 Jessica Phoenix finishes her fourth jumping clear of the day with Humble GS. Her time of 7:08 giver her a score of 48.2.

1:13 Last pair are on course! Here goes Jessica Phoenix and Humble GS.

1:12 Bobby Meyerhoff and Fotuna finish with a time of 6:54. They add 9.2 time penalties.

1:07 Gabby Ruane finishes clear with a time of 7:26 that gives her 22.8 time penalties.

1:00 Emily Hamel and Corvett go clear through the upper water. Gabby Ruane is on course now. 6th overnight, she’s the only one left who could go ahead of Brandon.

12:59 Leslie Law QC First Class finish clear with a time of 7:14
12:56 Jessica Phoenix is out on the course again with her fourth entry, Wabbit.

12:54 Karl finishes 33 seconds over the time.

12:52 Alex Green and Fernhill Limited Edition are clear through the Boathouse water  Karl Slezak is clear through the upper water at 18

12:48 Leah Lang-Gluscic and AP Prime retire at fence 17.
12:44 Kyle Carter and Reddy Or Not finish clear with a time of 7:25.

12:36 Third-placed Jennie Jarnstrom and Calicia C have scratched. Jennie had a fall earlier in the day, she is ok but out of caution withdrew this 4* ride.

12:31 Hallie Coon and Celien have finished clear! She finished 28 seconds over, just beating Sharon White, who was 32 seconds over. That puts her in second a score of 42.6  Brandon McMechan is our new leader!

12:30 Leslie Law and Voltaire de Tre Finish clear. They added 10.4 time penalties.

12:27 Caroline Martin and Islandwood Captain  Jack finish clear with time penalties added.

12:24 Chris Talley and Unmarked Bills finish clear with just five time penalties.

12:20 Jessica Phoenix has a stop with Bentley’s Best at the corner at 14B. She elects you retire.

12:16 Good riding from Jennie Brannigan. Bliss III takes a flier into the upper water.

12:12 Sharon White and Cooley On Show finish clear! They have a time of 7:01. That gives them 12.4 time penalties tentatively.

12:08 Ashley Kehoe finishes with a time of 7:47. Everyone is clear so far, but the time is once again proving difficult to achieve.

12:07 Overnight leaders Sharon White and Cooley On Show now on course!

12:06 Maya Black narrowly avoids disaster at the Boathouse Water. She comes out of the tack, but sticks the landing. Nice save!

12:05 Nilson da Silva finished 22 seconds over with a time of 6:51.

12:03 13th-placed Ashley Kehoe and Kiltealy Toss Up are clear through the double banks at Pebble Hill.

12:02 Brandon McMechan comes home clear with the fastest round of the day so far at 6:35

11:59 Brandon McMechan and Oscar’s Wild are clear through the upper water. Riders cross through this complex twice, and it’s riding well so far.

11:57 Holly Jacks-Smither and More Inspiration are tearing around the course. They’re clear through 16 so far.

11:56 Bobby Meyerhoff finishes clear. He does have time penalties. Tentative time TBD.

11:53 Jessica and Pavarotti finish clear with a time of 7:05. That tentatively gives her 14.4 time penalites Bobby Meyerhoff and Albano are clear through the upper water at 18.

11:45 Jessica Phoenix kicks things off for the four-star group with Pavarotti. We are 45 minutes behind the schedule, but will continue to run horses at three minute intervals.

11:26 a.m. Due to holds during earlier divisions, we are running about 30 minutes behind. Stay tuned for an estimated 11:30 start time.