Rest in Peace, Seahawk

Steph Rhodes-Bosch and Seahawk at Waredaca last year. Photo by Pam Patton. Steph Rhodes-Bosch and Seahawk at Waredaca last year. Photo by Pam Patton.

It is with great sadness that we report that Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch’s young ride, Seahawk, passed away on Christmas Eve from injuries incurred during a pasture accident. We featured the off-track Thoroughbred gelding on EN’s Got Talent earlier this year, and Steph believed he was destined for greatness.

Stephanie posted this tribute on her Facebook page:

“To my beautiful, goofy genius child. There are so many things I will never forget about our far-too-short not quite 4 years of fun together. You were the 2 year old who let me crawl up into the saddle in a stall unassisted, and then you stood while I opened your stall door to head to the training track. You were the 3 year old who managed to suck at racing (good boy!), and be perfect on all our sporadic rides throughout the summer you were mine all mine. You were the 4 year old who brought light to my darkest days and gave me a reason to get out of bed every day, and the 5 year old who surprised and delighted me over and over with your train ability and athleticism, and put a smile on my face every single day with your hilarious personality. I’m so proud of you for putting up such a fight and never giving up and I’m so sorry that your body couldn’t keep up with your fearless efforts to heal yourself. I’m so grateful for you and you will always be loved. Rest in Peace Seahawk.”

Losing a partner is an unspeakable tragedy, especially around the holidays. The EN family extends our most sincere condolences to Steph and her connections.


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