Ringwood Magister Sidelined with Minor Injury

Tiana Coudray and Ringwood Magister at Badminton. Photo by Jenni Autry. Tiana Coudray and Ringwood Magister at Badminton. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Setbacks are difficult in any year, but they’re especially frustrating in a championship year, and Tiana Coudray has confirmed that Ringwood Magister is currently sidelined with a minor injury. Following his valiant performance at Badminton, Finn returned home to Tiana’s yard in England feeling fantastic, she said.

“Finn was awesome at Badminton, and I am unspeakably proud of what he did and how he performed in those terrible conditions,” Tiana said. “He came home in great shape, and after a few days, he bounced back to his normal, naughty, bubbly self! We were all thrilled with how he came through the event, and his fitness and soundness could not have been better,” Tiana said.

Unfortunately, an ultrasound scan after the event found a weakened area on one of Finn’s legs. “We don’t know if this was a result of Badminton or possibly something he has had for a longer time, but either way, it was decided that we couldn’t take the risk of making a minor problem into a more major injury,” Tiana said.

Finn has remained in full work and is feeling great, Tiana said, and she hopes that he will be back to competing next spring or even possibly this fall. “It’s so difficult to be sitting at home when he is in the prime of his life and in the best condition of his life, but hopefully by sitting out a few months now, we will have many more good years to come,” she said.

The ultrasound explains Finn’s absence from the USEF High Performance Summer/Fall Training Lists, as well as why Tiana wasn’t considered for a spot on the the U.S. World Equestrian Games squad. It goes without saying we’re terribly disappointed for Tiana but glad this isn’t a major issue. We wish Tiana and Finn all the best as they gear up for a comeback.

In trying to see the silver lining, Tiana said she will use the extra time on her hands to focus on producing her young horses and expanding her business at her new yard in Berkshire. Samantha Clark caught up with Tiana a couple weeks ago to check out the new yard and get to know the young horses in her barn. Click over to the PRO blog to read more.

Go Finn.

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