#RoadToTokyo: Final Finishes

We’re getting achingly close to the final travel day for our event horses, grooms and riders as the Tokyo Olympics rapidly approaches. The dressage horses have already flown the coop as the first to hit the ground in Tokyo and will be closely followed by the eventers early this coming week. The show jumping horses and riders will be the final group to head into Pre-Export Quarantine before going on to Japan.

Yesterday, we caught up with Doug Payne’s well-traveled head groom, Courtney Carson, who caught us up on the happenings at camp in Aachen, Germany. Luckily, the sun seemed to poke its head out yesterday, so here’s hoping for drier days after western Germany and northwest Europe were devastated by heavy flooding over the past week.

Let’s take a look at what the event horses and their humans have gotten up to in the last couple of days, and stay tuned for much more to come from the long and winding #RoadToTokyo!

Last but not least, we took a trip around the (Instagram) world to find out what nearly all of the other event riders on their various paths to Tokyo. Don’t forget to follow everyone to show your support!