Saturday Helmet Cam: Dread Pirate Robby Sails to a Clear Round at Richland

I know we have some “The Princess Bride” fans out there because earlier this year we featured a horse named Inigo Montoya, and a whole lot of movie quotes popped up in the comments. We’ve come across another horse named after one of the cult classic film’s beloved characters competing at Richland Park.

In the movie, the Dread Pirate Roberts was a notorious pirate wreaking havoc on the high seas. The masked man turned out to be the story’s beloved hero, Westley, disguised in a black ninja suit. Dread Pirate Robby is an off-track Thoroughbred gelding who was taking no prisoners on the Preliminary cross country course at Richland with his owner Breanne Palmerini.

This was their second Prelim run together and they finished clear. We love the partnership between this horse and rider as they sort through the toughest of questions together and boldly approach every gallop fence. Enjoy the ride!