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Posted by Virtual Eventing on Friday, May 8, 2020

Have you been tuning into the NAF Virtual Eventing 5* over the past few days? It’s no replacement for Badminton, which should have been this weekend, I know, but it proven to be highly hysterical (see Wednesday’s virtual trot up) and even a bit educational, as one of Badminton’s regular dressage commentators Pammy Hutton bequeaths her knowledge to us by way of our virtual competitors. Not to mention it’s all for a heck of a good cause!

The “cross country” phase (no, we don’t know exactly what madness is in store either) live stream begins at 11:00 BST/ 6:00 AM EST and can be viewed here.

National Holiday: National Lost Sock Memorial Day

Saturday Links:

James C. Wofford’s COVID-19 Quarantine Guide: Go Back To School

Throwback — Badminton first-timers: Cathal Daniels — ‘She doesn’t know the fences are bigger than her’

Gail Greenough’s Tips on Getting Through Quarantine: ‘Be Proud of How You Spent This Journey’

‘I love them, even when I stink of their pee’: young riders’ school reports on their ponies

AAEP: Routine Vaccinations Considered Essential During COVID-19 Pandemic

Hot on Horse Nation: Horse Riders’ COVID-19 Wellness Chart

Saturday Video:

Jak working on his fancy foot work. We are excited to get things rolling again!

Posted by Buck Davidson Eventing on Friday, May 8, 2020