Saturday Links from Tipperary

Elisa Wallace's mustang phenom, Rune, also doubles as a four wheeler.

Good morning! Today marks the official beginning to NFL playoffs, so my mood for the rest of the weekend will depend on the outcomes of the Chiefs vs. Colts game. Stay tuned. It’s also getting ready to dump more snow and possibly record-breaking low temperatures on the Midwest this weekend. It’s looking like my best bet will be to hunker down with some good old fashioned internet stalking to bring you all of the news I can squeeze out.

Saturday Links:

No stirrups at the George Morris Horsemastership Training Sessions.

Do you know what special care your horse needs when the temperature drops?

Next Level Eventing and Tamra Smith are looking for a working student.

Experts have begun to identify horse facial expressions.

The USEA celebrates the late Molokai. 

Get to know 2013 Rebecca Broussard Grant recipient Katy Groesbeck. 

Switzerland has banned hyperflexion.

Best of the Blogs:

Flying Solo Eventing: Riding Proactively

Saturday Video:

Horse Nation posted the latest EventionTV video which focuses on the concept of being “on the bit.” Check it out below.


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