Saturday Links from World Equestrian Brands

Boyd Martin, Tsetserleg TSF, and supergroom Steph Simpson. Photo by Abby Powell.

Though the riders are the ones who dominate the headlines, we want to give a shout to the teams working behind the scenes and nearly around the clock to keep the horses happy, healthy, and performing at their best. Grooms are among the heroes of our sport, and we appreciate each and every one! If you want to read more about #supergroom Steph Simpson, click here — and click here to catch up on the rest of our #supergroom series. Plus, stay tuned for a very special edition to come soon!

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Saturday Links

There are still some opportunities to win prizes this weekend! First off, enter our Kentucky Top Dog contest for a chance to win an Equilibrium Massage Mitt from World Equestrian Brands — you can find out more on how to enter here. Plus: Spotted at the Hound & Hare Booth Selfie Contest: Tag us in a selfie on Instagram taken at the Hound & Hare booth (#17 in Sponsor Row), where our buddies from Fairfax & Favor will be hanging out all weekend long. As long as your post is publicly visible and tags @goeventing and @fairfaxandfavor, you’ll be entered to win a Mini Windsor bag!

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Saturday Video

This is pretty cool: a look and listen in on one of Boyd Martin’s lessons with Silva Martin and Erik Duvander: