Saturday Video from SmartPak: Ride Badminton with Ginny Elliott

I really love watching cross-country videos with a narrative overlay, explaining the decisions riders make at each fence, the training that’s influenced that decision, and the way their horse felt under them in that moment. For me, it really brings a level of entertainment and education that makes all these free resources their own PhD in event riding. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to stumble upon this gem from 1985, wherein Ginny Elliott gives us the inside scoop on her winning round with the great Priceless. It’s an excerpt from an educational tape she released many moons ago that was chock-full of gridwork exercises, some of which are referenced in her commentary, and it goes to show the importance of setting up footwork exercises at home – especially if you plan to jump some seriously whopping bits of timber. Watch, learn, and enjoy!

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