Saturday Video: Jimmie Schramm Talks Equine Fitness and Using the KER ClockIt Sport App

The KER ClockIt Sport App is revolutionizing equine fitness one download at a time. By providing vital health data to horse owners, riders and trainers, the KER ClockIt Sport App is giving us new ways to analyze training programs and modify conditioning schedules.

In this video, upper level eventer Jimmie Schramm meets with KER President Dr. Joe Pagan to talk about the importance of tracking your horse’s heart rate and how to interpret that information through the app. Jimmie also discusses some of the app’s other cool features and offers tips on how to run and review an App session.

KER ClockIt not only measure your horse’s heart rate during work, it can also be used as an odometer to track mileage and speed. Using the calendar function you can review your overall conditioning schedule, and the app can be used to connect with other riders, coaches and trainers. In fact, you can check out several shared sessions at this link.

For more tips and information on the KER ClockIt Sport App, visit the website. Also check out EN’s seven reasons to download the KER Clockit Sport App and Kate Samuels’ informative article about the science behind the App.