Selecting and Starting an OTTB with Evention TV

Horse shopping can be fun and stress inducing all at once, especially when it comes to selecting a green and unproven horse. Such is the case with purchasing an OTTB, who may have had dismal success on the track but has potential for a second career.

Browsing ads online is a great way to pass the time, but what exactly should you be looking for? We recently published a series on OTTB selection from CANTER PA’s Sue Smith (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), and now we’ve called in Evention TV for some additional tips.

First and foremost, what type of horse are you looking to bring home? What criteria will you use to select the horse that you want to go and have a look at? The video above goes into more detail about selecting your OTTB prospect. Remember, all of these tips can also be taken to heart when selecting any green horse or prospect – not just OTTBs!

When you get your new horse home, what are the first steps in starting him or her? What basics are important to start with? What happens when you get frustrated? This two-part video series on starting your OTTB is also beneficial when working with a new horse:

If you’re finding yourself a new horse owner this Christmas, these tips can help you really work on that bond so that you can come out ahead in the spring. That’s what winter is for, right?

Go OTTBs and Go Eventing!


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