Signs, Superstitions and Fate Come Together in Germany

Jordan Linstedt has been on a horse shopping trip of a lifetime to Germany and was given the opportunity this week to participate in the indoor derby at Stuttgart. Jordan kindly shared the story of how she met a special horse named Palm Beach and how she feels this trip is coming together exactly the way it was supposed to.

Jordan Linstedt and Palm Beach. Photo courtesy of Stuttgart German Masters.

Jordan Linstedt and Palm Beach. Photo courtesy of Stuttgart German Masters.

What an incredible journey I have been on in Germany! Three days ago, I was offered a unique ride of a lifetime when I met Stephan Dubsky.

I thought he was kidding when he on a whim said, “There is this big event going on in Stuttgart you should come to. It’s a great time … and I bet I could get you in to ride since you’re American.”

I laughed and thought, “Oh boy, I’m sure.” That night, I was on my way to Frankfurt when he called and said, “I got you in, you can ride if you’d like.”

I was speechless and quickly under pressure to make a decision; I thought it was a bit crazy to ride a horse I had never sat on before in a two-star indoor derby competition. I quickly called a few people back home to see what they thought. They all said I had to do it — it’s not an ordinary thing to be offered in a foreign country, let alone at the German Masters.

With the help from my amazing family and friends at home, as well as Gretchen Umlauf who I was traveling with, I sent Stephan a message and said, “I’m in.”

I was able to ride Palm Beach lightly Tuesday evening when he arrived in Stuttgart, and Wednesday I was able to jump him with special permission from the FEI technical delegate.

“Peter,” AKA Palm Beach, and I instantly connected; I felt as though I had ridden him all my life! He is the combination of Jack and Capato and couldn’t have been a better match for me as a catch ride!

I was feeling much in over my head with the list of riders and caliber of horses I was competing with, but everything worked out perfectly, and I think it was all supposed to happen for a reason! I was riding to purely enjoy my time in the arena and the passion I have for eventing. I believe that Peter is supposed to be my next Advanced horse, and now I’m trying to make it happen. I think we are destined for each other and he is meant to move to the USA.

Everything happened unbelievably. There have been a lot of signs, and superstitious things made me feel like it was all meant to be. My Rolex number in 2012 was 32, and it was always my basketball number growing up because of my dad. My number was 392 in Stuttgart. Little things like this made it all feel like it was supposed to happen.

One of friends from home told me this: “Your lucky number is there to remind you your dad is watching you when none of us can be, and he wants to see you prove to yourself how good you really are.”

Thank you Stephan Dubsky for taking the chance with Peter and I and believing in the two of us. I couldn’t have done it with out you! Life is crazy sometimes, and you just have to go with it!