Sponsor Spotlight: Flexible Fit Equestrian Brings a Whole New Meaning to Custom Fit

Dom Scramm and Bolytair B. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

I recently had the pleasant surprise of getting fitted for a new pair of running shoes at my local Fleet Feet store. My roommate surprised me with a custom fitting for my birthday, and my sore shins and poorly contained feet were more than happy to oblige.

The fit process was detailed down to the millimeter of width of each foot and the best types of insoles for my low arches. Evidently, my foot is wider than something like 80% of everyone else’s in their database so … I guess that’s something to be proud of?

But this process got me thinking a bit more about the idea of “custom fit”. We see that term thrown around haphazardly in all walks of life and it’s no different with the tack we select for our horses. Fitting a bridle, as it happens, is something that takes more customization than we may think — and that’s where the brains behind Flexible Fit Equestrian saw an opportunity.

The options for bridles are virtually endless these days. Anatomic crown pieces, soft, molded leather, and all sorts of ergonomic designs are commonplace now; enough to make any horse owner scratch their head in wonder.

But Flexible Fit has taken the idea of the high end, fitted bridle to a new level by offering customization for literally every piece of the bridle from the cheek pieces to the reins. Where with most bridles, riders have to purchase the entire piece, save perhaps a set of reins, Flexible Fit offers custom fit for each piece to ensure the best possible fit and comfort for the horse.

And fitting a bridle is a more involved process than may meet the eye, too. Check out this handy guide to properly fitting your horse for a new bridle. Factors to consider are their head shape and size, ear clearance, and their overall facial bone structure. Each horse has unique features — why not give riders the ability to choose the best fit for each individual horse rather than fitting each horse into a limiting box?

Graphic via Flexible Fit Equestrian.

Why is bridle fit so important? Well, not only is your bridle one of the primary means of control and communication between horse and rider, a properly fitted bridle should allow for free movement of the ears, reduce poll pressure, and allow for unrestricted expansion of the delicate nasal passages. Taking the time to properly fit a bridle not only ensures a horse’s ongoing comfort, but also safeguards their wellbeing and health.

I’ve shopped for a bridle through Flexible Fit before, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that identifying the right pieces for my horse was less complicated than I had originally thought. Flexible Fit’s newly launched USA website is user-friendly and walks customers through the steps of ordering their new bridle with ease. New since my previous patronage of the company are Nosebandless bridles and Hackamore bridles, truly an option for just about anyone.

Allowing customers to completely customize their choices gives them more power over the final product, and every rider wants to find that perfect fit that will help their horse perform with more ease and comfort, no matter what level they choose to compete in.

Functionality and flexibility are the name of the game for Flexible Fit, which has gone to great lengths as a company to educate riders on the importance and simplicity of fitting a bridle piece by piece. Don’t believe me? Take a look through the customization process for a Flexible Fit bridle and you, too, will find the perfect bridle that’s as unique and individual as your horse deserves.

You can get your horse’s best fitting bridle yet for a steal of a deal this weekend with 30% off through Cyber Monday (12/2). Shop through www.ffequestrian.com and use code BLACKFRIDAY30 at checkout!