Strides for Equality Equestrians Announces Immersive 3-Day Training Camp with Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson and Tactical Maneuver. Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

Since Strides for Equality Equestrians (SEE) began in 2020, the group has focused on providing opportunity for riders from diverse backgrounds to access training and immersive experiences within the equine industry. With the formation of the Ever So Sweet Scholarship, supported by Edy Rameika and the USEA Foundation, SEE has given three deserving riders the chance to train with Sara Kozumplik in Florida or Virginia for several months.

But leaving home for months at a time isn’t always an option, yet there are countless riders who would benefit from an immersive training opportunity. In stepped 5* rider Ashley Johnson, who is the coach for a newly-announced 3-Day Training Camp opportunity through SEE.

One applicant will be selected to join Ashley at her own Totem Hill Farm in Ocala, FL. The camp will take place over three weekdays in December of 2022, and there is some flexibility regarding the dates. Room, board, and lessons will be provided. Applicants must arrange and pay for their own transportation to and from the camp.

“Strides for Equality Equestrians is doing meaningful work within our sport to promote a more equitable and inclusive culture towards Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) people,” Ashley said. “In developing this scholarship with them, my aim is to open another door in the three-day eventing community for a BIPOC rider to develop skills and have personal access to an active upper-level professional. I would love to see diversity in our sport become the norm instead of the exception, and I hope other professionals will join me in considering how they can open doors as well.”

Applicants with the ability to bring a horse are welcome to do so, otherwise a lesson horse maybe available. Applicants interested in using a lesson horse for the camp should provide a video of their riding to ensure they are an appropriate fit for one of Ashley’s available horses. Applications are due on October 15 (along with applications for the fall/winter award of the Ever So Sweet Scholarship), and you can learn more + apply here.

Want to support SEE’s ongoing mission? Mark your calendars for SEE Month, happening in celebration of the organization’s two-year anniversary all throughout the month of October. Click here to learn more about SEE Month and how you can participate.