Saturday Video from SmartPak: Stuff Riders Say About Blankets, Episode 2

Ah, wintertime. We’re expecting our first snowfall here in Kansas City today, so I’m boycotting winter and staying indoors all day. Of course, a quick browse of SmartPak’s YouTube channel brought up the second episode of their hilarious “Stuff Riders Say” series geared towards blanketing.

We all go through the same cycle of questions and criteria when figuring out which blanket to purchase and what layers to use in what order. This helpful graphic from Auburn University may be of some help for all of the blanket-aware horse owners out there:

Source: Auburn Agriculture

Source: Auburn Agriculture

Even while we’re having constant conversations with ourselves, our trainers, and everyone within ear shot regarding blanket decisions, watch the video above and rest assured that you aren’t the only one!

For more help on blanketing, be sure to download SmartPak’s SmartBlanket app, available for Android and iOS.

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