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I may have a rival when it comes to bridle assembly. From Hawley Bennett's Instagram I may have a rival when it comes to bridle assembly. From Hawley Bennett's Instagram

One of the things I strongly believe every kid should learn in their first month of riding lessons is how to take apart, clean and reassemble a bridle. In theory, this may save poor saintly lesson ponies from having bridles put on in strange ways, with nosebands akimbo. Taking apart a bridle and reassembling it was something I had to do at my first horse-camp in order to earn entry in to the camp show at the end of the summer. In college, this knowledge earned me some coin and booze. My horsey friends and I turned bridle assembly in to a gambling-and-drinking game. Maybe we’ll have to resurrect that game for EN’s Tailgate at Rolex this year?

Wellington Eventing Showcase [Final Scores]

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Sporting Days Farm I H.T.  [Website] [Scores]

Galway Downs Winter H.T. [Website] [Scores]

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Everyone loves a great rehab story. Whether it brings us to tears or makes us even more grateful for our equine friends, rehab stories are some of the most inspiring stories to tell. For that reason, we’d love to hear yours! Send us your rehab story for your chance to win an awesome prize pack from OCD as well as see your story told right here on EN! [Win with OCD]

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Just incase you missed it. Some might call it hailing a cab, I call it a triumphant fist pump.