Sunday Video: Breyer Horse Eventing, Level EXPERT

I didn’t realize until now that my childhood obsession with Breyer Horses was amateur at best, and a travesty of an existence to my talented traditional models at worst. Thanks to YouTube, I’ve now looked back upon my youth and realized that I was the Breyer equivalent of a backyard breeder.

Here I was treating my Breyers like barbies — dressing them up, giving them boyfriends, backstories, and enemy dinosaurs with the occasional horse show thrown in for good measure — when I could have been turning them into eventing champions and internet celebrities! (I mean, okay, YouTube certainly did not exist when I was nine, which is definitely for the best.)

But THESE girls. They finished the cross country course I could never get off the ground. They worked through the best way to navigate puppeting their horses through a course using fishing line. They have tailgaters, water combinations, groomed hedges, and numbered flags. THEY MADE GALLOPING LANES, YOU GUYS.

Watch out Derek Di Grazia  and Pierre Michelet. These ladies are after your jobs.

Go Breyer Eventing.