Sunday Video: Check Out This Indoor Eventing Helmet Cam

We stumbled upon this helmet cam from a schooling jaunt around an indoor eventing course that appears to be set up just for winter schooling. We have to hand it to these designers for making the best use of their space; they even included a bank and a water complex with jumps of varying levels surrounding it.

This indoor course is without a doubt a new definition for “winter schooling”; we’re wondering if there is a separate indoor for dressage and show jump schools? We’d sure like to see if that’s the case?

[UPDATE]: Simone Bøgelund was the maker of this video, and the indoor arena is from Stable Jørgensen, in Denmark. This is their only indoor, but it’s being hailed as one of the best indoor facilities in the country, and we can see why. The water jump is evidently a temporary fixture and can be moved if needed. This family has definitely set the bar high for winter training!

Here is footage of the course from the ground:

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