Sunday Video: Check Out This Vintage 1982 Rolex Footage

What a gem we’ve found today, thanks to a post on Facebook by our friend Bill Kraatz. This documentary footage from the 1982 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event is one for the ages, and a great example of the “old days” long-format that eventers used to tackle.

Keep an eye out for riders such as Jimmy Wofford, Mike Plumb, Torrance Watkins, and Karen Stives in this video, which explains the intensity of the A through D phases of cross country. The fences are big, bad and unforgiving, and the horses are fierce athletes with huge hearts.

What is still so crazy to see is the fall rule, where a rider was able to continue even after a heavy fall. Just a quick leg up (in the middle of a water jump, even!) and they were sent back on their way. It’s also interesting to observe how much less equipment is used and the absence of safety vests and modern helmets — completely normal for this era of the sport.

Enjoy this vintage video for your Sunday entertainment! Go (old school) Eventing.