Sunday Video from Total Saddle Fit: Waterfall Up-Banks? Pffft

One memorable aspect of the 2018 WEG cross country course was its water features. Exhibit A: those waterfall up-banks at #10.

Several horses took issue with the waterfall up-bank at #10. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

These things really tripped up some folks, and by “folks” I mean Olympians like Will Coleman, Mark Todd, Sandra Auffarth … all of whose horses landed off the boat and saw, well, one can only imagine what it was that they saw. Something like this?


And then there were those crazy shooty-fountain jumps. They didn’t cause much trouble on paper, but some horses sure did give them the stink-eye.

Louise Svensson Jahde and Waikiki 207 (SWE). Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

Basically this, right?


Well, weenie WEG horses, it’s time to go home and face your fountain fears. Maybe that means sleeping with a sprinkler in your stall; maybe you just start small, an eye-dropper between the ears, and build up to a water bucket or two dumped on your head each day; I don’t know, I’m no four-star rider, that’s between you and your respective human. All I can do for you is share some inspiration.

Someday, with a lot of hard training, you too can be as brave as these horses.

Kudos to that horse: he was just walking along, minding his own business, getting in the zone to do his show jumping course and then, boom, SURPRISE WATER CANNON! But you know what? He kept a cool head about the situation and went on to jump a clean round! Yeah, that’s the kind of horse you can send down Niagra Falls in a barrel. And then there’s this one:

Water Jumping

#WowJumping | PegaseBuzz

Pendant que toi, t’arrives à peine à passer une flaque, y en a qui s’amusent à faire ça. Y a pas de justice.

Posted by PegaseBuzz on Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Well, it’s something to aspire to. Best of luck to all tomorrow, and Go Eventing.

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