Soggy Sights and Sounds from Sunday at Tryon

Some areas around Tryon remain flooded. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Florence was no match for eventers Sunday at WEG. There were some scheduling fluctuations, but eventually horses were trotted up for the final inspection. While Jenni covered that emotional rollercoaster (you can find her report here), Leslie Threlkeld and I decided to explore and see how the venue fared in the weather.

First, the areas for horses are absolutely fine. We’ve seen no flooding in/around barns or arenas. Multiple grooms have confirmed with EN that stalls and aisle ways are completely dry. So as always the horses will continue to be comfortable.

Sandbags are in place to keep out any potential water. Photo by Shelby Allen.

The arenas also fared well in the storm with little to no standing water. Photo by Shelby Allen.

The rest of the venue is a mixed bag. While some areas escaped unscathed, others are underwater. The hub of competition, around the Tryon Stadium, is largely unaffected, but the farther you go out the more damage you might see.

The vendor area closed down in time for the rain, but there is some standing water in certain areas. I’d also like to commend the local police who were patrolling the area to make sure the vendor village didn’t fall victim to anyone with sticky fingers.

Overall, many areas fared better than I would’ve thought, but there are certainly more than a few puddles. The National Weather Service still has the area under a flash flood watch, so it looks like rain may continue to fall overnight.

I was able to get around with my ankle height duck boots, but I did have to mind my step, so my advice for spectators is to pack your tall wellies and you’ll be just fine. We’ll be right there with you!

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Photo by Shelby Allen.

Wet, but manageable. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Leslie Threlkeld ventures behind the U.S. Trust area, which is not open to spectators. Photo by Shelby Allen.

Many areas are unaffected. Photo by Shelby Allen.

This was where the endurance vet box was. Photo by Shelby Allen.