Sunday Video: Mark Todd’s Newest Ride

Sir Mark Todd, you may have heard of him, double Olympic gold medalist, Rider of the 20th Century, multiple four-star winner, etc., he’s kind of a big deal. You might also recall that he’s rather tall – 6’3″ to be exact. So, that means some of his sizeable rides turn out looking like ponies. If you thought that juxtaposition was fun, you’re in luck because we’ve stumbled upon footage of Mark actually riding a pony.

They flat around an indoor as Mark works hard to balance atop the black and white wonder pony that he affectionately calls, “My new star for next season.” When someone suggests he takes one of the jumps, he first declines the offer with an assertive, “No way!” before humbly asks them to remove the top rail. Never be afraid to start small, even if you’re Mark Todd!

Go ponies. Go Eventing.