Teams Bring the Heat (& the Puns) in Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge

The Devil Went Down to Hagyard finished third in Training. Photo via the Hagyard Midsouth Three-Day Event & Team Challenge Facebook page.

Sure, we have to throw the FEI divisions a bone, but let’s not kid ourselves: the MOST important, prestigious and heated competition of the Hagyard Midsouth Three-Day Event & Team Challenge is … the Team Challenge.

Shout-out to this year’s winners:

Beginner Novice: Sparkle Squad (Kelly Ransom/Mint Julep, Michele Sult/Country Risk, Lisa Boncosky/Tensas Carlos, Amanda Gantz/Major Achievement)

Novice: Hindsight Is 2020 (Jane Musselman/Engapore, Amanda Smith/Tug Of War, Megan Edwards/Rock Hard Attitude, Kelly Brophey/Collaborator)

Training: Ditch, Please (Jane Papke/Robinstown Ballivor, Todd Wulf/Kando, Clare Vanderwoude/Star Power, Julie Bryer/Fernhill Dynamic)

Prelim: Fire-Breathing Hamsters (Andrew McConnon/D’Luxe Steel, Tim Bourke/Flying Quality, Kelsie Haverlock/Echo, Rachel Miles/Zane)

Photo via the Hagyard Midsouth Three-Day Event & Team Challenge Facebook page.


Not unlike trivia night at your local pub, at Hagyard Midsouth the calculated ingenuity and/or random non-sequitorness of your team name is equally if not more important than where you end up on the scoreboard. An honorable mention to the following teams who really brought the heat this year:

Most Random

Slow Motion Pillow Fight

Team Death Pasta

Best Use of Self-Deprecation:

Run Like the Winded

The Wrong Diagonals

Plan B Is Our Plan A

Fingers Crossed

Sh’aint Right

Most Shameless Alcohol Reference: 

Brownsboro’s Boozy Babes

Make Mine a Double Clear

Serendipity Pony Club Win or Wine

Best Covid-19 Reference: 

The Quarantunies

The QuaranTeam

Area IV YR Pandemic Pals


Wisconsin Cheeseheads

The Miracle Whips

Skittles Squad

The Best of the Rest:

Something Punny

Area IV YR’s Bling It On

Notorious P.O.N.Y

#tutucool4u, #kissmytutu & #tutulegit2quit


Kudos to all! You can view complete team results here. Go Eventing.

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