Thanksgiving Day News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

Blanket malfunction! Photo by Michelle Craig.

Today, of course I am grateful for all the big and great things in my life, but I am reminded that we all need to practice gratefulness for the small and seemingly insignificant things on a more daily basis. Also, regular holiday PSA: please for all that is good and holy, be polite to everyone when driving, shopping, or otherwise interacting. The holiday season, as much as it is wonderful in a lot of ways, is stressful and more casual kindness would be a great addition. I’m talking directly to you, lady who cut me off while I was trying to park and get gas yesterday.

National Holiday: Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving News & Notes:

In the spirit of gratefulness on this holiday, Taylor Harris Insurance is partnering with Brooke USA for an incredible fundraiser. Brooke, if you don’t know, is an international animal welfare charity dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules. Operating in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, and they reach over two million working horses, donkeys and mules. For Giving Tuesday this year, they’re raising money to complete an equine health post in Ethiopia. And THIS is matching the first $2,500 in donations, so get going! [THIS Brooke Fundraiser for Ethiopian Horses]

Need a little alone time after the hectic holiday? How about a free audiobook about donkeys? The dramatic story of how a pioneering animal lover saved 200 donkeys from imminent death, and in doing so inadvertently launched one of the world’s largest animal welfare charities, has been immortalised as a free audiobook this Christmas. As a donkey owner myself, I can tell you they’re ridiculously weird and adorable, and I will download this for sure. [Donkey Audiobook]

Brittany Halstead competed in both hunter jumpers and polo until a car crash nearly ended her life in 2014. However, using horses as a recovery tool from her brain injury, she’s now giving back to the equines that saved her life with ReplayPolo, an organization she formed to transition retired polo ponies into second careers. She helps them become therapeutic riding horses, hunters, jumpers, and more. [After Brain Injury, Healing & Giving Back with Horses]

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