Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: A Two Year Transformation

Abigail Steinberg and Infinity. Photo by Joan Davis/

We all know it, but maybe don’t acknowledge it as often as we could or should: riding is hard, y’all. Nobody began winning blue ribbons overnight and behind each and every success story are often years upon years of blood, sweat and tears.

Not many people choose to publicly share the stops and the spooks and the falls on social media — they don’t look quite as impressive as the clear rounds, the good marks and the rosettes — but Abbey Steinberg, a young rider from Maine, has put together a montage of her two year journey with her horse, Infinity, which includes all that and shows hows far they’ve come as a team. She and Finn, an 11-year-old Thoroughbred x Holsteiner gelding, finished their 2019 season by moving up to Training level and finishing top three in their last two events of the season.

Well done, Abbey — congrats on a great season and all your hard work!

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