The 2022 USEF Eventing Dressage Tests Are Here

Photo by Erin Tomson.

US Equestrian has announced the publication of the new 2022 USEF Eventing Dressage Tests for Beginner Novice through Advanced, effective December 1, 2021, through November 30, 2025.

The tests are published on the USEA website and can be found here. The digital PDF versions of the judge’s copies of the tests will be available for purchase on the ShopUSEA website.

2022 USEF Dressage Tests

(Effective beginning December 1, 2021)

Beginner Novice: Test A | Test B

Novice: Test A | Test B | Novice Three-Day

Training: Test A | Test B | Training Three-Day

Modified: Test A | Test B | Test C | Modified Three-Day

Preliminary: Test A | Test B | Test C | Preliminary Three-Day

Intermediate: Test A | Test B | Test C

Advanced: Test A | Test B

The 2022 USEF Intermediate Test C, which is written for use in a 20×40 arena, may only be used for Eventing competitions that demonstrate a topographical or logistical hardship which renders the venue unable to assemble a 20×60 arena in the designated competition area. The process to request permission to use this test can be found here.