The Conclusive Social Media Wrap Up

A beautiful photo by Thomas Ix of Benjamin Winter's commemoration ceremony this morning at Turniergesellschaft Luhmühlen.

A beautiful photo by Thomas Ix of Benjamin Winter’s commemoration ceremony this morning at Turniergesellschaft Luhmühlen.

As our somber weekend comes to a close, we all admit that we still feel a bit numb. Our hearts are heavy, but at the same time we cannot deny that we are incredibly proud of our Americans and their stunning performances at Luhmühlen these past few days. Both Boyd and Phillip really needed to deliver top ten performances, and I’m delighted to see that they were both able to really pull out all the stops and post very competitive scores. 


USEF High Performance Facebook feed kept us up to date with great pictures of both Boyd and Phillip behind the scenes, and I think this picture is as close to a smile from Phillip as I’ve ever seen.




Tim Price has to be delighted with his horse this weekend, and it’s been a well earned victory for him. Team New Zealand! Watch out WEG…



I tip my hat to Jenni Autry, our fearless reporter at large, who did an amazing job this weekend covering the kind of news that everybody hopes to avoid, and doing it in a tactful and intelligent way. Well done, you.


Jenni posted a great photo of Shamwari on his way to a third place finish to Boyd’s FB wall, and here is what happened next. We are now taking suggestions for new nicknames…..



And of course we would be nowhere without our super grooms. To every single one who made their horse able to perform to his or her best this weekend, we salute you. To Lindsey Taylor and Emma Ford, we should probably be throwing you a huge return party, but I’m sure you’ll just get right back to work.



The Father’s Day love was inescapable today on the internet, and I think that it has a healing aspect to it. Cherish those that you love, and make sure you hug them as much as possible. From Lainey’s Instagram: “I am the person I am today because of the unbridled love surrounding me by my parents. They’ve continued to push me, advise me and most importantly, inspire me to become a better woman every day. I love you mom and dad! Happy Father’s Day!”



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