The First News & Notes of 2021

Gratitude is the theme of 2021.

I’m declaring it now, the theme of 2021 is gratitude, because we will really appreciate all of the things that we missed in 2020, as well as incorporating all the good things we learned from this year. Plus, we can always practice more gratitude, and sharing it together makes the world a better place.

News From Around the Globe:

Start the new year by getting your horse’s engine revving, in a good way. You don’t even have to wait to get on and ride, you can begin with exercises on the ground. Helping your horse engage his hind end in an active way benefits your dressage score, as well as benefitting your jumping phases too. [Get Your Horse’s Pushing Engine In Gear]

We’re giving away a copy of Jane Savoie’s Dressage Between the Jumps, and there is still time to enter! Click here to learn more and submit your entry.

Stars, they’re just like us! One of the many wonderful things about equestrian sports is that upper level professionals have just as many oh sh*t moments to share as we do. Check out these stories from Louise Serio, Anne Kursinksi, Margie Engle, and more about their own personal big time whoops on horseback. [Whoopsie Daisy]

After a rare disease claimed three of her limbs (and nearly her life), Jessica Thoma is back in the saddle with big goals. Jessica Thoma is a lifelong equestrian whose world got turned upside down in 2018. Beginning in the spring, she battled a mysterious ailment that began with a rash, joint pain, fatigue and nausea. She saw a slew of doctors but it wasn’t until she fell gravely ill months later that she finally got a diagnosis: Polyarteritis Nodosa, a rare disease resulting from blood vessel inflammation. Now, she’s back on the horse and says they were integral to her recovery. [I Don’t Think I’d Survive Without Horses]