The Return of The Craigslist Crazies


Oh Craigslist, how you entertain and horrify me at the same time. Your general lack of grammar and spelling always makes for a wincingly good time, as I read about the ridiculous crap that America is trying to sell and flinch every time a basic word is butchered on my screen. Of course, there are many people on Craigslist trying to get rid of horses, donkeys, mules and other livestock in a variety of amusing ways. The descriptions of the horses is usually what gets me, and makes me wonder if I should start an organization to save these animals from these obviously moronic individuals who should never own any animal ever. While I’m building my millions to do just that, please enjoy some samplings from the internet with some help from Snarky Rider, I’ve gathered some of the best of the Craigslist Crazies.

minni ponys and lama – $500


Sante Fe, N.M.: “11 female lama mid age wel maintained good mannered no spiting or anything like tha4700for the lama i also have 2 ponys females breedable one younger thann the other both well maintained i also have one male mule young breedable wel maintained and one donkey for sale hes midaged but wel maintained both the ponys and the mule and donkey r $500 each all these animals r heathly and need a new home im moveing n cant take them with me im open to offers please dont waist my time or yours text prefered”



Los Angeles, Calif.: “Selling My Quatre horse 4 year old It runs fast Its healthy no Medical problem. Complete horse its gental and real calm good around kides. Its rienda charra. Selling because i dont have time to ride It. Asking $5,800 o.b.o “

9 Year Old Morgan Stallion Registered


Lancaster, Pa.: “I have a green broke Registered 9 year old Morgan for sale. And He is like a chestnut color.He is built pretty as can be good manners. He through a lot of nice Colts already.”

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