#TheTeaFromTokyo: A Walk to Remember

It’s been a big day for the eventers in Tokyo, because they woke up early to the news that the cross-country course at Sea Forest was open for walking. And walk they did: round and round and round again, before many of them opted to dash back to the stables and pop over some of the cross-country training fences laid out there. Sounds like it gave them plenty to think about!

Our on-the-ground reporter, Sally, is out on her own walk now with course designer Derek di Grazia, and we’ll be bringing you lots of interesting insights into the course soon – but in the meantime, catch up with what went down with the riders today.

The USA’s Doug Payne took his first look at the course and found it similar to a track back home:

 Inspiration evidently struck while he was out and about, because he opted to head out for a cross-country schooling session on returning to the main venue:

The Belarusians made their way out to Sea Forest, too:

They also found time to celebrate competitor Alexandr Zelenko’s birthday:

Cathal Daniels could deliver us one of the quickest rounds of the weekend – but first, he had to check out all the spots where he and pocket rocket Rioghan Rua could shave off the seconds:

Lara de Liedekerke-Meier, Belgium’s individual competitor, got an early start to check out the challenge:

Team Thailand headed out with trainer Maxime Livio (on his birthday!):

And Sarah Ennis admired the themed carvings and decorations:

Brazil’s Carlos Parro knows a photo op spot when he sees one: 

The Aussies adopted a buddy system with suitably bright t-shirts to ensure they didn’t lose one another. No word on if they had to hold hands in pairs: 

Sweden’s Louise Romeike got inspired: 

Back at the main venue, Russia’s Andrey Mitin got stuck into some cross-country training: 

As did the sole Spanish competitor, Francisco Gavino Gonzalez and his horse Source de la Faye:

The Kiwis opted to practice their showjumping: 

It wasn’t just about cross-country today. Some riders also took the time to welcome the newly arrived show jumpers – and Great Britain’s Laura Collett couldn’t resist some snuggles with Ben Maher’s Explosion W:

Someone tipped the Aussies off that the Kiwis had nailed the Olympic rings photo, so they scurried off to get their own done. We’re glad Shane remembered to bring a bucket hat, at least:

Plenty of teams also took the time to acknowledge their super line-up of grooms, including the Brazilians:

And the Aussies:

And a legendary Lucinda sent lots of luck across the pond(s): 

The Kiwis, as usual, were too popular for their own good: 

Oh, and the first equestrian medals of the Games were awarded, of course!

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