#TheTeaFromTokyo: Sashay Away? Shantay, You Stay

Welcome to the last hurrah of Tokyo 2020’s big eventing party — but before we get into the thick of the showjumping action, our competitors first needed to talk to the catwalk for the final horse inspection. You thought yesterday’s cross-country was turn-and-burn? Try navigating the far end of the jog strip with a fit reserve horse that hasn’t actually contested any of the phases. We hear Cathal Daniels is somewhere near the Korean maritime border and still trying to persuade Rioghan Rua to slow down and get a grip.

Anyway, here’s a little snippet of what went down in this morning’s trot-up, which all but one horse accepted to continue on: that was Fantastic Frieda, who lost a shoe midway through the course yesterday with Poland’s Joanna Pawlak. As Poland’s reserve rider has already stepped into the team following the first inspection, Poland will need to move forward with a non-completion penalty added on to their team score. This truly is the Math Olympics, isn’t it?


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