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Fridays are our favorite day of the week. The weekend is finally here, and that usually means a blissful handful of days filled with all things horses. Maybe we’re headed to an event or just plan to spend some extra time at the barn; either way, anything is better than five days of work, right?

Friday is also a popular shopping day, so we thought we’d highlight some more great items from our sponsors. Going into the off-season, it’s a good time to be thinking about what you’ll need for next year and for the impending winter. Be sure to check out these products, and be on the look out for more featured items and deals in the coming weeks!

First up this week is Tipperary’s T2 helmet. We did a review of this helmet recently, which you can check out here, and were really impressed with its quality. The T-Series helmet is ASTM-SEI Certified, lightweight and exceptionally comfortable.

This helmet features sport enhanced styling in a snug low profile with a luxurious matte paint finish. Ergonomically engineered to accommodate a variety of head sizes safely and comfortably.  Unique drop back shell cradles the skull, increasing protection area and supporting helmet retention and stability.

You can click the above image to learn more about the T2 helmet and to order one for yourself.

While you’re assembling a new outfit from head to toe this week, you might want to stop and check out SmartPak’s Piper Breeches. We’re big fans of these breeches here at EN, as they offer a wide array of color options and are supremely comfortable, all while fitting perfectly into a budget.

SmartPak is right when they say they’re too fun to have just one! You can check out all of the options by clicking the image above.

Finally today, to complete your new barn outfit, check out Ovation’s Rhona Country Boot from Featuring a Freudenberg German made weatherproof and breathable membrane, these boots will provide comfort in all weather conditions. It’s officially boot season, so make sure to stock up now by clicking the image above.

Go Shopping.

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