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If only surgery was really this easy! This over-sized equine version of the classic game Operation was a hit at one of the trade fair booth at the the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Annual Convention which took place weekend. We’re looking forward to some of the research that was presented and conference proceeding being published!

In the meantime, This Week in Horse Health News …

How do you get a hard keeper to eat more? Try playing them some Beethoven. Researchers from the Equine Science Department of Hartpury University in Britain conducted a small study which found that playing classical music overnight (Beethoven’s ninth symphony, to be exact) had an effect on horse behavior. During night in which music was played, horses in the stable spent more time eating and less time walking and standing alert. [HorseTalk]

Farriers can play a big role in preventing and containing a disease outbreak. From the hoof and mouth disease epidemic of 2006 to the latest series of equine influenza outbreaks this year, Great Britain in particular knows how detrimental infectious disease can be. A British farrier supply company, Stromsholm Ltd., has partnered with The Horse Trust to further educate farriers about proper biosecurity measures and how they can take measure to help stop the spread of disease. Even though this initiative is originating in Great Britain, it’s absolutely relevant to farriers worldwide. [The Hoof Blog]

Giving a warm bran mash to your horse after hard work in the winter used to be a practice that was commonly accepted as beneficial. Not so much anymore, as we’ve learned more about the horse’s digestive system and how even slight changes to their diets can cause big disruptions to their gastrointestinal systems. Wheat bran itself is also not the greatest feed from a nutritional standpoint. The Horse outlines the cons — and few pros — of offering your horses a warm bran mash, plus a couple alternatives. [The Horse]

As horse owners and competitors, we want to give our equine athletes every opportunity to feel and perform their best. Keeping up to date with the latest news in horse health and medicine is an important part of that, and it’s why Medivet Equine is bringing you the latest in horse health news each week.

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