Throwback Thursday Presented by Ice Horse: And the Horse Is…

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! Each Thursday, we will be bringing you some vintage eventing photos and posts. Do you want to show us your first horse or a photo of your early riding days? Email [email protected]

Courtney Sendak and Wil'ya Love Me at Fair Hill in 2012. Photo by Kate Samuels. Courtney Sendak and Wil'ya Love Me at Fair Hill in 2012. Photo by Kate Samuels.

Welcome back to our Throwback Thursday! We’ve been sitting here marveling at the cute overload that we featured this morning, and Chinch has officially decided that he needs a palomino. We’ll get right on that, sir.

How did you do this week? Are you becoming a Throwback Thursday pro yet? We sure hope so, because we’ll be back next week with a superb challenge for you all! Stay tuned!

The foal featured above is Courtney Sendak’s former Advanced partner, Wil’ya Love Me, or Willy for short. Courtney and Willy enjoyed a successful career at the upper levels together until 2012, and now Willy is happily teaching another rider the ropes at Novice, most recently finishing fifth in the Junior Open Novice at Bucks County HT. Many thanks to Courtney for allowing us to use these photos of your adorable horse!

Classic pictures and videos are priceless, but today’s innovations make it so much easier to keep our horses feeling and performing their best. They may be black and white, but Ice Horse’s line of products deliver a full spectrum of cold therapy. Check out the Ice Horse Evendura ice compression wraps, the Big Black Boot for concentrated hoof cooling and Ice Horse continuous cooling machines.


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