Throwback Thursday: The EN Staff Edition

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! Each Thursday, we will be bringing you some vintage eventing photos and posts. Do you want to show us your first horse or a photo of your early riding days? Email [email protected].

We'll bet this one is (not) the most difficult picture to guess! We'll bet this one is (not) the most difficult picture to guess!

This week, we are bringing you a very special edition of Throwback Thursday. Obtaining photos of John is a special occasion in itself, so the chinchillas thought up a great idea to test your recognition skills with our trusty EN staff. While we realize John will be the most matched simply through process of elimination, we’re anxious to see who can guess the most staff members correctly.

What’s in it for you?

The reader who correctly matches the highest number of throwback photos to the correct staff member will win an EN hat and a T-shirt fresh from the official EN store! 

Visit the staff bio page and do some studying, get your guessing hats on and email your guesses to [email protected].Your guesses  are due by 5 pm EST today, so get them in early! Please list your guesses in order, from right to left in the gallery below.

We will announce the winner later on this evening. Only one guess per person, please! We don’t want to overwhelm the counting chinchillas with multiple entries.

We realize that most of this game will be pure guessing, so have some fun with it. Any commentary on our old-school haircuts or fashion choices are more than welcome. Good luck and happy guessing!

Note: The following EN staff members are not pictured: Abbie Golden and Shara Rutberg

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