Throwback Thursday: The EN Staff Member Edition Winner

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! Each Thursday, we will be bringing you some vintage eventing photos and posts. Do you want to show us your first horse or a photo of your early riding days? Email [email protected].

Well, EN, how did you fare in our epic matching contest? We got some pretty funny responses, and are pleased to announce that Hannah Reppert and Samantha Repp both correctly matched the highest number of matches with 6 correct guesses. The chinchillas weren’t feeling up to a tie-breaker, so Hannah and Samantha are both our winners! Congratulations, ladies, we will be in touch regarding your coveted trophies.

Now, for the those of you wondering who is behind the vintage photos we posted, here is the big reveal (from left to right):

1: John Thier, the mastermind behind the wonderful EN. (As if you all didn’t guess this one correctly right off the bat!)

2: Erin Critz, resident fruit company employee and Morgan aficionado.

3. Kate Samuels, who wins our vote for best outfit of the week.

4. Leslie Wylie, best known for her mastery of the art of creating GIFs and her Horse Nation expertise.

5. Ellie Thompson, who also runs the EN Pinterest board. Check out her obsession here.

6. Colleen Peachy, our resident product reviewer. Best job ever? I think so.

7. Jenni Autry, our fearless managing editor. Her Throwback Thursday photo may be our favorite. It’s also known as “Angry Jenni.” We promise she doesn’t give us that look unless we’ve done something seriously wrong.

8. Lila Gendal, who has perhaps the best riding position I personally have ever seen. You go, girl!

9. Visionaire, another of our rockstar editors. Currently in Florida enjoying the sunshine, she keeps busy by competing against the pros and letting us all know how warm she is while we wipe snow off of our cars.

10. Sally Spickard, who had a serious affinity for Palominos as a kid. Maybe that explains my vast collection of Palomino Barbie horses?

11. Lindsey Kahn, most likely the most artistic person on our staff. If you haven’t checked out her artistry website, do so immediately!

Thank you to all who participated, we hope you enjoyed our vintage photos as much as we did!

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