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Photo courtesy of Phyllis Dawson.

Well, it’s that time of year again: the annual Windchase Eventing Polar Dive is in the books, and while I personally won’t be joining in on these festivities, I’ll happily receive and circulate the resulting photos! I guess they do say a good cold plunge is good for mental health, but so is an iced coffee so I think I’ll stick with that for now. More power to those brave working students, though!

U.S. Weekend Preview

Sporting Days Farm January Horse Trials I (Aiken, SC) [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Volunteer] [Scoring]

Thursday News & Reading

Need some help setting some quality goals for 2024? You and me both. Luckily there are plenty of resources out there to help us reach our goals, and Coach Daniel Stewart sits down with USEA Podcast host Nicole Brown to discuss how to make the most of your strategy skills. [Goal Setting for 2024]

Today I learned that Boston University has a burgeoning equestrian teamed, helmed by coach Phyllis Cervelli. With a lifetime of horses on her card, Phyllis has brought her knowledge and her desire to enable young equestrians to become the best versions of themselves to the team environment — and it’s paying off. [Phyllis Cervelli Develops Thinking Riders]

You can never have enough tips on running a barn smoothly and safely. Here are 13 more to add to your toolbox this winter.

Working with a young horse this winter, or a horse who tends to hollow in the back? Try these exercises to encourage a lengthening and stretching of the neck.

Sponsor Corner:

Are you stocked up on FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips for this season? Click here to snag your favorite color!

Video Break:

While we’re all here slogging away through winter, EN’s Gillian Warner is off on another adventure, this time to the Southern Hemisphere. Check out her latest post:

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