Thursday News & Notes from Kentucky Equine Research

Photo courtesy of Sinead Halpin.

Photo courtesy of Sinead Halpin.

On this Thursday, the team at Eventing Nation and the Eventing community at large would like to send our deepest sympathies and condolences to Sinead and her family, who lost her father yesterday. There are no words to show how we feel, and we wish nothing but peace and love to everyone who knew Eamon during this difficult time.



News From Around the Globe:

British dressage star Carl Hester added another title to his impressive collection yesterday, winning the Reem Acra FEI World Cup Grand Prix Freestyle at Olympia with Nip Tuck. After Tuesday, when his pupil and reigning World/Olympic/European Champion Charlotte DuJardin won the Grand Prix with Uthiopia, he was determined to win, and did so handily with an 83.75%. Charlotte was close behind with an 82.55%. [Carl Hester Wins at Olympia]

You too can go hunting with the Farmer’s Bloodhounds on an incredibly bold grey horse! Wait….what? Well, at least virtually. Saddle up for some great hunting footage courtesy of British rider Helen Newbold, who has a super horse named Finn, and it’s unimaginably fun to check out her helmet cams as they cross the English countryside and jump wild hedges and gates. For sure an adrenaline rush. [Hunt with Helen]

Because Horse Nation is just nerdy enough, they did serious research on sleigh bells. Did you know that bells are historically a charm and a sign of good luck, but also a good traffic signal so you don’t get run the hell over? Much like other horse traditions, the shinier your sleigh bells were and the more you had of them was a good indicator of how important and wealthy the owners were. [Everything You Never Knew You Never Knew About Sleigh Bells]

SmartPak Video Break: Stuff Riders Say on Christmas (Or Hanukkah, birthdays or…)

Looking for the ultimate crafty gift for a horse loving friend this holiday season? Look no further. Here’s a step by step guide to making your own awesome horse hair bracelet! Just don’t cut the hair straight out of your friends horse’s tail….[How To Make Horse Hair Bracelets]


KER ClockIt Session of the Week

This week’s session is a standard workout consisting of a 15-minute easy trot followed by three 5-minute canters in an indoor arena. This routine is easy work for this horse!

This session illustrates how KER ClockIt can still be used to monitor conditioning during indoor rides. KER ClockIt relies on your phone’s GPS to calculate speed and location. It includes algorithms to minimize the effects of GPS variation, but indoor arenas (or other canopies, such as dense tree cover) may interrupt the signal and reduce its accuracy. Newer phone models are generally more accurate. The heart rate, however, is a direct communication between the monitor and your phone and will work anywhere. To get the best possible performance indoors, we recommend starting your session outdoors to establish GPS, then heading inside to ride. Do your workout, then step back out and end the session. If the speed is still wonky when viewing the graph, just uncheck the speed box to simplify the view and only show heart rate.

Make 2016 your horse’s fittest year ever! This month only you can save $15 on a KER ClockIt equine heart-rate monitor (or any other purchase over $100) on Just use code MERRY15 at checkout.