Thursday News & Notes from Kentucky Equine Research

Merry Christmas Eve! Kelly Yoder and River in a ridiculously pretty photo by  KEC Photography.

Merry Christmas Eve! Kelly Yoder and River in a ridiculously pretty photo by KEC Photography.

Every year, about this time, I contemplate the blessing and the curse that is the spread out geographical nature of the Eventing Nation writers. It’s probably a good thing that we are so far apart, so that we don’t cause too much trouble, but holy cow, if we all lived near one another our Holiday Party would be Out. Of. Control. So perhaps, next year, after the USEA Convention, we should all get together for an EN Convention? I feel like it would be wild. Hint Hint, Christmas Chinchillas.

Christmas Eve News:

The controversy over the FEI blood ruling at Olympia with Bertram Allen continues. The general consensus is that while FEI rules regarding blood on a horse are important, there has to be a way to employ the regulations with context. Runner up Ludger Beerbaum was especially peeved with the ruling, saying “I’m not happy about the final result. Bertram and his horse were the best combination. I had to put my glasses on to see where the tiny mark was.” Respect and admiration for Bertram, his riding, and his horsemanship seems to make the equestrian community deeply question the application of the rule. [Bad Blood over Olympia]

Don’t let the winter weather get you down, instead, start setting up grids! The joy of winter is to be found in gridwork, and while Lainey keeps us updated on her Instagram with #GOTD every week, you can also access the minds of other top Eventers through Grid Pro Quo with the USEA. This week features Katie Ruppel, and a grid that includes multiple bounces and one-strides to keep both you and your horse on the tips of your toes! [Grid Pro Quo]

Need a little pick me up after all the Christmas family times? These animals wearing ridiculous christmas costumes will help you get through the holiday. [Hedgehogs Wearing Santa Hats, Be Still My Heart]

If you’re trying to organize your (horsey) life for 2016, it can seem a little daunting at the beginning of the year. However, with the help of Pinterest (kidding, kinda) and this ten-step ten-day program, you can also have a gloriously organized barn and schedule. Next up, how to avoid cleaning up your house. [How To Become Organized]

Best of Blogs: A Thoroughbred That Refused to Give Up

ClockIt Session of the Week

This week’s session shows a fairly typical cross-country round, with the horse competing in heart-rate zones that are indicative of anaerobic energy generation and blood lactate accumulation. Feeding for recovery after exercise is vital when horses compete in multiday events. Nutritionists have identified three key considerations when feeding for recovery: rehydration, replenishment of muscle glycogen stores, and muscle repair and recovery.

An intense or prolonged exercise bout will lead to some muscle tissue damage and oxidative stress in muscles. Administering highly absorbable natural vitamin E (such as Nano•E from KER) for several days before competition will lead to increased blood and tissue levels of vitamin E and reduced oxidative stress, giving rise to faster recovery.

Make 2016 your horse’s fittest year ever! This month only you can save $15 on a KER ClockIt equine heart-rate monitor (or any other purchase over $100) on Just use code MERRY15 at checkout.


So help me God, YELLOW EYES!!!! (My favorite Christmas movie…)