Thursday News & Notes from Kentucky Equine Research

Photo by Samantha Clark

Burghley. Photo by Samantha Clark

I am so jealous of everyone at Burghley right now. I have only been there once, but I am dying to go back every year. It was easily one of the best events that I’ve ever been to, in terms of organization, hospitality, shopping, scary massive cross country fences, and overall beauty. Also, lots and lots of Pimms cups.

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U.S. Weekend Preview:

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News From Around the Globe:

After what can only be politely described as an incredibly confusing selection for the Canadian Olympic team, Selena O’Hanlon was removed from the list with Foxwood High late in the game due to “veterinary medical grounds.” However, these medical records were never released to the owners or Selena and remains a bit baffling to this day. Selena has made her first public statement about Woody’s health and has assured everyone that he has always been in a good physical state and remains so to this day. Woody is on track for Rolex 2017. [Selena Speaks Out]

Rolex organizer Equestrian Events Inc. will also organize the new Ocala Jockey Club International Three-Day Event over Thanksgiving weekend. “EEI’s mission is to promote the sport of eventing and provide the U.S. Eventing Team opportunities to improve by supporting and/or creating competitions. This new event fits perfectly into that mission,” Stewart Perry, president of EEI’s board of directors, said. [EEI to Add Winter Competition in Ocala]

The Equine Management Training Center’s rigorously revised Professional Groom Training Certificate program is now a total of eight weeks long:  six weeks of classroom and practical training followed by a two week internship.  The hands-on curriculum  will cover all aspects of equine management. The program’s curriculum, developed in conjunction with many professionals including Olympic riders, veterinarians, farriers, professional grooms, and more, is affiliated with the Professional Riders Organization (PRO). [Equine Management Training Center] [Certificate Curriculum]

New Zealand is heading back from heartbreak in Rio and hoping for victory at Burghley. For the last thirty Burghley titles, a rider from New Zealand has been the winner thirteen times. Heck, Andrew Nicholson, as excommunicated as he is currently, has completed the course itself a record thirty times. Tim and Jonelle Price are in the action this weekend, as well as Dan Jocelyn and Caroline Powell. [Burghley Hopes for New Zealand]

What studs to use when and why and where? The stud conundrum….usually solved by coming up with some that seem reasonable and then walking down the aisle to ask your coach if they look like something that might work. Instead, let’s be learning some stuff from none other than Max Corcoran! [Studs: Solved]

KER Product of the Week – Grow Strong Hooves and a Shiny Coat with Bio•Bloom™ PS

Is your horse about to sprout a winter coat? Was summer show season tough on hooves? Want to get a jump start on battling Florida skin funk? Bio•Bloom™ PS provides the nutrients needed for healthy skin and coat, as well as hoof growth.

Developed by Kentucky Equine Research (KER), Bio•Bloom PS is a dual-action supplement designed to promote and maintain healthy skin, coat, and hoof condition from the inside out. Bio•Bloom PS contains biotin, methionine, iodine, and chelated zinc at levels shown to improve hoof growth, including development of strong hoof wall.  Bio•Bloom PS  produces a soft, shiny coat and healthy growth of mane and tail, and includes essential amino acids and fatty acids for optimal coat condition.

“I trust Bio•Bloom PS to give my horses eye-catching, glowing coats and healthy, sound hooves for a competitive advantage,” explains two-time Olympic medalist Karen O’Connor.

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