Thursday News & Notes from SmartPak

Jenni Autry has been sneaking in  a few days of extra sun in Ocala before the Wellington Showcase. Photo by Jenni.

Jenni Autry has been sneaking in a few days of extra sun in Ocala before the Wellington Showcase. Photo by Jenni.

So, I’m going to the Wellington Showcase this weekend, courtesy of my sister hosting me in her house in Wellington, and I’m actually pretty psyched. I haven’t been to Florida for several years now, and I’ve never been to Wellington at all, although I’ve heard many stories. Lots of my friends and family winter down there for almost half the year, as the dressage and hunter/jumper crowd consider WEF to be the holy land, but Eventers don’t generally venture that far. While the winter has been mild so far in Virginia, I really can’t say no to some 80 degree weather. Yes, I will be sunburned because I am so pale right now it’s not even funny.

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Wellington Eventing Showcase: [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Stable View Winter H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Poplar Place Farm February H.T. [Website] [Entry Status]

Sporting Days Farm H.T. [Website] [Entry Status]

Full Gallop Farm February H.T. [Website]

Galway Downs Winter H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times]

News From Around the Globe:

The Wellington Eventing Showcase starts tomorrow morning, with a bigger than ever entry list. With top riders like William Fox Pitt and Mark Todd (on two horses each) battling it out with the best riders in the US, it’s bound to be exciting. Dressage is on Friday, with Show Jumping and Cross Country on Saturday. COTH is live streaming all three phases (holla!) and Jenni and I will be there to bring you up to date as the action is happening. [Wellington Showcase: What You Need To Know]

The ICP and FEH/YEH Programs are teaming up this year to bring USEA members the ultimate educational opportunity in Florida this year. While these seminars are usually hosted separately, this year they have joined forces so that young horse enthusiasts and instructors alike can enjoy top level instruction from Chris Burton, Chris Ryan, Leslie Law, Robin Walker, Marilyn Payne and Susan Graham White. [ICP & YEH/FEH Join Forces for Spring 2017]

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The USEF has announced the launch of their “Elite” program for Dressage in 2017. Established to provide support and resources to horses and riders who have proven themselves competitive internationally, the athletes will work with Robert Dover as a technical advisor regarding specific goals and schedules. In this program, they will also receive training and competition grants to help them reach goals and to increase the influence of US Dressage as a whole for the foreseeable future. [USEF Announces Elite Program]